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Tanglefoot's dynamic rhythm and harmony guys are back together again! Their first UK tour in May 2013 was a wake-up call for Tanglefoot fans. Three people with enough on-stage energy for five and a huge variety of great songs.

Their next tour will also feature the incredibly talented Beaker Grainger on percussion.

Since iconic Canadian supergroup TANGLEFOOT's retirement in late 2009 Steve Ritchie, Al Parrish and Rob Ritchie have branched out in different directions...writing, broadcasting, solo performing. Now the three compatriots have re-connected as RPR which allows them the opportunity to indulge in musical whims inside and outside the frame of their former band identity, creating a memorable experience of arresting music, stories, laughter and reminiscence. And whether it's an original song of Al's, or Steve's recollection of a Robert Plant version of an old Dylan tune, or Rob's incisive musical humour, all the trademark harmony, the chemistry, the enthusiasm, the impact of Tanglefoot all there. So are some of the songs (after all, they did write quite a few between them), but with an expanded vision that you'll love.

See and hear for yourself: