Probably the friendliest folk club in the Northwest
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Seeing Johnny Coppin and Mike Silver on stage together is to the folk world like seeing David Bowie and John Lennon on stage together in 1975.

It's a match made in a kind of folk heaven, with Silver adding another level of charisma, and not to mention guitar ability to Coppin's already polished performances. It proves a very different experience to Coppin's "All on a Winter's Night" evenings in Stroud and Cheltenham, with old friends Paul Burgess and Mick Dolan.

Gone are the eerie notes of the chilling "Innocents's Song", replaced by a host of old Decameron numbers, traditional folk covers and original material from Coppin and Silver, and formidable songs penned by them both.

They play off each other perfectly, with Silver's formidable finger work on the guitar and cuatro completely complementing Coppin's guitar and piano playing.

Neither voice has lost any strength since the early days, and the on-stage banter is still hilarious. Every song played from joint album "Breaking the Silence" has the makings of a classic, and I hope this sensational collaboration continues for many years."